TAF - Board Of Commisioners

Board Of Commisioners

TAF is governed by 6 members of Board Of Commissioners who have a role to supervise and maintain the company’s policies. They have brought TAF to become a strong company to face challenges and competition in the auto financing industry. 

Hao Quoc Tien
President Commissioner
President Commissioner, 54 years old. Canadian Citizen. Appointed as President Commissioner of the Company effectively since January 2019. Joined Toyota Group Companies since 1999.

He graduated as Master of Business Administration from The University of Western Ontario in 1997.
Chiew Sin Cheok
Vice President Commissioner
Vice President Commissioner, 57 years old. Malaysian Citizenship. He has been Vice President Commissioner since April 2017. Joined Astra Group Companies since 2007.

He graduated as Bachelor of Science from London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom in 1984 and Master of Management Science from Imperial College of Science and Technology, United Kingdom in 1985.
Wiltarsa Halim
Independent Commissioner
Independent Commissioner, 69 years old. Indonesian Citizenship. He has been Independent Commissioner of The Company since 2016. Joined the Astra Group Companies since 1993.

He graduated from the Engineering Technology Bachelor Degree from Akademi Teknik Nasional (ISTN) in 1973.